Perennial Edibles

Perennial plants are some of the world's most important crops. They are valuable in farming systems because they come back year after year, provide structure to the landscape, prevent soil erosion, and capture excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and trap it. If our agricultural system were more focused on perennial plants — and if we had more perennial staple crops to work with — we could actually turn farming from being a driver of climate change to being a weapon against it. We facilitate breeding and research work on many perennial plants through our main networking website,, but we are also proud to be offering a wide variety of edible perennial plants right here, including many that are unavailable anywhere else. Perennials are often slower to germinate and take years to reach maturity, so they require more time and attention than annual plants. But once they do mature, many of them reward you with care-free production for years and years and years.
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