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Rhubarb Breeders Mix
Rhubarb Breeders Mix
Rhubarb Breeders Mix

Rhubarb Breeders Mix

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Rheum rhabarbarum

Origin: New Jersey

Improvement status: Breeding material

Seeds per packet: ~25

Germination tested 11/2023: 90%

Life cycle: Perennial

EFN INTRODUCTION. While most rhubarb is grown from clones of known varieties, it is actually quite easy to grow from seeds. Plants need to be protected during their first year from being crowded out by weeds, but by the second year they can generally handle life on their own, and by the third year a good seedling will be ready to harvest from. Rhubarb is a perennial plant that can live for decades. This breeding mix contains seeds from at least four varieties of rhubarb (including 'Tracy', which we also sell on its own), in a range of colors and forms, from deep red to nearly all green. Every seedling will be unique, allowing you to find the plant or plants that do best in your situation. You might even find one that is so strong, lovely, and delicious, that you begin dividing and spreading it around yourself, in which case you would have every right to give it a new name! There are very few cultivars of rhubarb available out there on the market, so additions to the genepool are always welcome. We know you'll have fun with these!

GROWING TIPS: Start plants in trays with potting mix. This could be in a greenhouse or outside after it warms up. Transplant to garden maybe a foot between plants.