The plants in this category have the valuable (though sometimes troublesome) ability to self-seed and establish themselves in your landscape. Some "naturalizing" plants might be considered invasive species in certain contexts, but it's also quite normal for plants to move around and become a new piece of an ecosystem without causing much if any harm to the local flora and fauna. Indeed, in some cases they can benefit the local ecosystem.

We are quite pleased that the wild broccoli raab (believed to be an escaped Italian leaf turnip) is a part of our landscape in New Jersey. That said, you might want to keep an eye on all of these resilient, adventitious plants. We've identified all of the seeds in this category as ones with a strong potential of becoming a permanent part of your garden, farm, or neighborhood. Some are native, some non-native, some perennial, some annual, some biennial, but each of them have some use. 

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