'Wyldewood 2' American Elderberry

'Wyldewood 2' American Elderberry

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Sambucus canadensis

Origin: Kansas

Improvement status: Breeding population

Seeds per packet: ~25


Life cycle: Perennial

'Wyldewood 2' was developed by Wyldewood Cellars — an elderberry farm, nursery, and winery — in Mulvane, Kansas, in collaboration with Kansas State University and the University of Missouri. We got a number of cuttings of a variety of elderberries at the Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service winter conference in La Crosse, Wisconsin, a few years ago, and 'Wyldewood 2' proved to be the most vigorous and productive by far once established in New Jersey. In 2020 it produced a bumper crop of berries, which we processed into an immune-boosting syrup, but not before we removed the seeds in order to be able to offer them to you!

There is not a lot of elderberry diversity on the market these days, meaning the growing elderberry industry is potentially susceptible to emerging pests and diseases. Since elderberries produce very little unless grown in the presence of another variety (that blooms at the same time), it is important to grow at least two or three or four different varieties. Each of the seeds in each packet we sell will produce a unique elderberry. Given how little breeding work is being done, you very well could grow the next important American elderberry cultivar (or, if you have European elderberries around, the next important hybrid cultivar!).

Please let us know if you grow any wonderful new varieties from these seeds!

GROWING TIPS: Seeds likely benefit from cold, moist stratification for 30-60 days before attempting to germinate. Seedlings should be coddled for their first year or two, after which they should be just as vigorous as any other elderberry, and will be easy to propagate by cuttings. With a limited supply of seeds and the time it takes to stratify seeds and wait for germination, we decided to offer these seeds as botanical samples. These seeds were harvested in 2021.