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'Wisco Orange' Carrot

'Wisco Orange' Carrot

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Daucus carota

Origin: Wisconsin via various sources

Improvement status: Cultivar composite

Seeds per packet: ~200

Germination tested 11/2022: 64%

Life cycle: Biennial

The 'Wisco Orange' carrot population was originally developed by the Organic Seed Alliance as part of the Carrot Improvement for Organic Agriculture project. From originally diverse parentage (albeit dominated by orange 'Nantes' types), this breeding population was selected for deep orange color, straight and attractive roots, and most of all for healthy tops, especially for resistance to Alternaria Leaf Blight. Since Circadian Organics received the roots shown in the picture above going back two years ago (in 2020), they have been selecting the population for uniformity, disease resistance, and flavor in challenging clay soils.

Good for storage and bunching.

With awesome potential for organic production, this is a great population for seed savers, ripe for further selection for uniformity and flavor.

This seed was grown by Dylan Bruce and Circadian Organics in the Driftless region of southwest Wisconsin. Dylan and his talented crew have also pioneered an awesome new app called SeedLinked which allows people to easily share data and connect about seeds.

GROWING TIPS: Carrots can take a long time to germinate, sometimes up to three weeks, and at least 7-10 days. Keep soil wet so the seeds don't dry out. Direct seed in late April, May, or June. Thin to 1 inch apart in rows that 12-16 inches apart.