Turkish Rocket

Turkish Rocket

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Bunias orientalis

Origin: Eurasia

Improvement Status: Cultivated material

Seeds per packet: ~60


Life cycle: Perennial

Super easy to grow and quick to establish, Turkish rocket is a popular perennial vegetable in the Brassica family. According to Aaron Parker, who produced these seeds in Maine (at his Edgewood Nursey), the edible leaves are only "OK", "nothing too special," however the flower buds are prolific and very tasty, similar to broccoli raab. The pretty yellow flowers attract syrphid flies and other beneficial insects.

GROWING TIPS: Easily direct sown. Plant 1/4-1/2 inch deep, watch for large cotyledons. Seeds may be a little slow to germinate. If direct sown requires no special care. If starting in pots you may want to scarify seed with sandpaper and soak in room temp water for 24 hrs before sowing. Because of taprooted habit seedlings will do best in deep pots or planted out quickly.

This plant is vigorous and not easily killed once established, so pick your spot carefully. Probably not in the veggie garden. Does best in full sun and decent soil, but tolerates almost anything (except full shade). Self-sows annoyingly well, so eat lots of flower buds and deadhead the blooms you leave to feed insects (unless you want your patch to spread). Because of weed potential, do not abandon.