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'Summermax' Cover Crop Mix

'Summermax' Cover Crop Mix

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Origin: Albert Lea, Minnesota

Improvement status: Cover crop cultivars

Seeds per packet: ~1 pound

Germination tested 12/21: 92% (average)

Life cycle: Peas and oats are annuals

When to sow: June through mid-August

Coverage: one pound gets you about 900 square feet

This is a vigorous growing warm-season cover crop mix of summer annual grasses, broadleaves, and legumes blended for maximum summer growth, weed suppression, and soil building via "green manure". It consists of:

35% Buckwheat
30% Soybeans
15% Sorghum-Sudangrass
10% Black-eyed Cowpeas
10% Oats

Our seed comes from a reputable cover crop seed company out of Albert Lea, Minnesota: Albert Lea Seed.

GROWING TIPS: Broadcast seed evenly over desired area. Tamp down to ensure good seed to soil contact. Water it in. Or try to sow before a big rain.