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St. John's Wort
St. John's Wort

St. John's Wort

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Hypericum perforatum

Origin: Maine

Improvement status: Wild

Seeds per packet: ~500


Life cycle: Perennial

Pretty yellow blooms on a medium sized perennial herb that can alternately crawl or stand tall. Used medicinally both internally and externally — in particular for depression and symptoms of menopause. Use internally with caution if using any other medications, because this plant is known to interact with a large number of other medicines. Easily dispersed by seed, so harvesting all the flowers or deadheading plants is recommended to prevent spread. It is considered a noxious weed in some western states: CA, CO, MT, SD, and WA. Check your local regulations before ordering.

GROWING TIPS: Does best in full sun and well draining soil. Prefers weak soil. Surface sow. Can be an erratic germinator, but germinates best in bright light.