'Snappy' Snapdragon

'Snappy' Snapdragon

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Antirrhinum majus

Origin: Vashon Island, Washington

Improvement status: Breeding population

Seeds per packet: ~150

Germination tested 12/2023: 82%

Life cycle: Annual or Perennial

This is an open-pollinated version of the popular hybrid snapdragon mix called 'Snappy.' Flowers come in a range of pastel pinks, purples, burgundies, yellows, and whites (though our grower, Jen Williams of Wild Dreams Farm, has been intentionally selecting out the yellows, as she explains below).

Here's what Jen says about these pretty plants (which are liable to grow as perennials in much of the continental US): "Upright and bright, snapdragons cry out to be noticed in the garden. This mix contains white, yellow, purple, pink, and lavender blooms. I don't love the yellow in this mix so I'm gradually phasing it out. Use as cut flowers or leave them to delight you where they grow from June to September. Grows tall and benefits from some support to keep the beautiful heavy flowers upright. The uniquely shaped closed flowers invite unusual pollinators [like native bees!] so be sure to watch for visitors."

GROWING TIPS: Sow in early spring and transplant after the last frost. Light dependant germinator so do not cover with soil. 90 days to maturity.