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Six Root Turnip Grex
Six Root Turnip Grex
Six Root Turnip Grex

Six Root Turnip Grex

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Brassica rapa

Origin: Oregon

Improvement status: Cultivar/Grex

Seeds per packet: ~200

Germination tested 12/2019: 93%

Life cycle: Biennial

This is a freely interbreeding mix of six different turnip varieties, grown for both leaves and roots. This diversity makes it perfect for adapting to your farm or garden. Originally from Dr. Alan "Mushroom" Kapuler in Oregon, our population is roughly a 50/50 mix of 'Six Root Grex' from Adaptive Seeds (grown by Clint Freund and Cass McKinnon in Wisconsin) and from Peace Seedlings (grown by Dusty in Minnesota), the successor to Dr. Kapuler's Peace Seeds, run by his daughter Dylana Kapuler and her partner Mario DiBenedetto. Turnips are great keepers through the long winter, and they can be prepared in a range of ways: roasted, boiled, steamed, mashed, sauteed, pickled, or fermented. If you're interested in breeding new turnip varieties, this population is a great place to start — but it's great for just growing lots of food too.

GROWING TIPS: Direct seed ½ inch deep. You could plant a seed every inch and expect to thin, or don't seed as densely and thin less. Plants should end up 4-6 inches apart in rows 12 to 24 inches apart.