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'Pisanello da Bruschetta' Tomato
'Pisanello da Bruschetta' Tomato

'Pisanello da Bruschetta' Tomato

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Solanum lycopersicum

Origin: Tuscany, Italy

Improvement status: Cultivar

Seeds per packet: ~30

Germination tested 12/2022: 98%

Life cycle: Annual

'Pisanello da Bruschetta' is a Tuscan heirloom tomato that produces loads of charismatic, deeply red, deeply-ribbed tomatoes, 3-6 oz. each, on indeterminate plants with regular leaves. Fruit are juicy, aromatic, and delicious, with few seeds (great for eaters, kind of annoying for seed farmers!). Originally from Pisa, this is a relatively early tomato, ripening fruit 110 days from germination. The flavor is well-balanced between sweet and sour, pairing perfectly with garlic and olive oil. As the name indicates, this tomato is great for bruschetta!

Grown by our friend Dylan Bruce of Circadian Organics in southwest Wisconsin.