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'Nitromax' Cover Crop Mix (Oats, Peas, and More)
'Nitromax' Cover Crop Mix (Oats, Peas, and More)

'Nitromax' Cover Crop Mix (Oats, Peas, and More)

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Origin: Albert Lea, Minnesota

Improvement status: Cover crop cultivars

Seeds per packet: ~3/4 pound

Germination tested 8/21: 93% (average)

Life cycle: Peas and oats are annuals

When to sow: April through mid-August

Coverage: 400 square feet

This diverse cover crop mix is great for fixing nitrogen and producing "green manure", for building soil fertility. Good at outcompeting and suppressing weeds. In colder climates will get killed by winter.

Consists of:

55% Field Peas

42% Oats

2% Tapmaster Radish (Daikon)

1% Polish Rapeseed (Brassica rapa)

Our seed comes from a reputable cover crop seed company out of Albert Lea, Minnesota: Albert Lea Seed.

GROWING TIPS: Broadcast seed evenly over desired area. Tamp down to ensure good seed to soil contact. Water it in. Or try to sow before a big rain.