'Music' Hardneck Seed Garlic

'Music' Hardneck Seed Garlic

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Allium sativum

Origin: Italy (via Canada)

Improvement status: Cultivar

Life cycle: Perennial (grown as a biennial)

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Music is one of the best-loved hardneck garlics available today. It came to the US via Canada, but originates in Italy — where garlic is of course a critical ingredient in so many dishes. Each bulb features just a few (4-8) enormous cloves, making it easy to use in the kitchen. Considered a porcelain-type, it is notable for producing tall, sturdy, delicious scapes (flower spikes) which emerge and grow into a tangle of coils before straightening out to flower. The long scapes of Music make it an excellent dual-use garlic for gardeners and market farmers (we like to pickle the scapes).

Music is spicy when raw, but mellows to a deep, rich, classic garlic flavor when cooked. Many chefs prefer Music over every other garlic variety. Some sources say its exceptional flavor is due to higher-than-usual concentrations of allicin, an organosulfur compound present in all garlics and believed to be responsible for many of garlic's health benefits. 

Our seed garlic has been tested and certified nematode-free. It was grown by our good friends Kass McKinnon and Clint Freund of Cultivating the Commons in Amery, Wisconsin. We recommend planting between September and late November in most of the US. Four bulbs of Music comes out to roughly one pound (possibly a bit more).