Moss Curled Parsley

Moss Curled Parsley

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Petroselinum crispum

Origin: Mediterranean

Improvement status: Cultivar

Seeds per packet: ~65

Germination tested 11/2022: 98%

Life cycle: Perennial

This is consistently one of the most popular types of parsley available. The densely curled leaves are barely recognizable as parsley when compared to flat-leaf varieties, but they reveal themselves upon consumption. The flavor is fresh and sprightly, like all parsley, but it is more mild than other varieties. Because it produces so much leaf volume, it's great for vegetable use, as in tabbouleh.

So many people think of parsley as just a garnish, but we should really all be eating as much of it as possible because it's just so darn nutritious! Parsley is loaded with the stuff that makes us tick: from 100 grams (3.5 ounces) of parsley you get 5% of your recommended daily amount of protein and vitamin E, 8% of your niacin, 8.5% of fiber, 10% of zinc, 12% of potassium, 12.5% of magnesium, 14% of calcium, 16.5% of copper, 38% of folates, 77.5% of iron (say goodbye to anemia!), 220% of vitamin C, 281% of vitamin A, and a whopping 1366% of vitamin K, which is known promote bone and brain health. It also contains phytonutrients like beta carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin, which are important for eye health.

And for those of us who celebrate Passover, this parsley is especially good at sopping up salt water!

These seeds were produced by Wild Garden Seeds in Philomath, Oregon.