Lofthouse Landrace Cucumber (Mostly Greens)

Lofthouse Landrace Cucumber (Mostly Greens)

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Cucumis sativus

Origin: Paradise, Utah

Improvement status: Landrace/Breeding material

Seeds per packet: ~35

Germination tested 12/23: 77%

Life cycle: Annual

Another gem from Joseph Lofthouse, Landrace Seedsman, in high-altitude Paradise, Utah. Like all of Joseph's seeds, these are super resilient and contain a great diversity of genes. From Joseph:

"A genetically diverse cucumer landrace. Dual purpose, so can be used for fresh eating or pickling. The skin color at fresh eating stage is light yellow to dark green. Seed saving protocol is to taste a piece of the skin from near the stem, and then only save seeds from non-bitter fruits."

We're honored and grateful to be the near-exclusive source of Joseph's amazing seeds — freeing him up to do more farming, plant breeding, pickling, yoga, and loving. We know you will enjoy planting these extraordinary seeds. Thanks Joseph!

This variety carries the Open Source Seed Initiative (OSSI) pledge, which states: “You have the freedom to use these OSSI-Pledged seeds in any way you choose. In return, you pledge not to restrict other's use of these seeds or their derivatives by patents or other means, and to include this pledge with any transfer of these seeds or their derivatives.” More information on OSSI can be found at

GROWING TIPS: Direct seed after danger of frost is past. Plant about 3" apart in rows 5 feet apart. Or trellis. Or plant in hills about 6-8 seeds per hill.