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Jasmine Tobacco

Jasmine Tobacco

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Nicotiana alata

Origin: South America

Improvement status: Cultivar

Seeds per packet: ~100

Germination tested 11/2020: 90%

Life cycle: Annual (tropical perennial)

Also known as winged tobacco, sweet tobacco, Persian tobacco, or tanbaku, this tropical perennial native to South America is widely grown as a fragrant ornamental flower and pollinator attractor. Its intoxicating scent really makes itself known at night, when night-flying sphinx moths and other wonders of the natural world follow their noses to its long tubular flowers. We recommend planting near a patio or beneath a bathroom window or somewhere else you'd like to enjoy a sweet, jasmine-like aroma. The smeel can easily travel ten yards. The white flowers droop a bit during the day, but perk up at night and practically glow in the moonlight — which no doubt helps moths and other pollinators find them. In Iran, the leaves are used for narghila (or "hookah") tobacco. Like other tobaccos, it is poisonous and can be made into a powerful insecticide as well. A good option for container gardeners. Self sows easily. Our seed was grown by Kass McKinnon and Clint Freund in Milaca, Minnesota.