'Flor de Mayo' Bean

'Flor de Mayo' Bean

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Phaseolus vulgaris

Origin: Mexico

Improvement status: Cultivar

Seeds per packet: ~25

Germination tested: 11/2022: 98%

Life cycle: Annual

This is a northern-adapted version of a beloved Mexican heirloom bean. 'Flor de Mayo' has pink dappling on a pale yellow background. These are bush beans that can be grown and prepared like pintos.

We got these seeds from our friends Clint Freund and Kass McKinnon of Cultivating the Commons. They got their seed stock from Steve Peters, who has this to say about the variety:

"'Flor de Mayo' is a pink, reliably high-yielding bush bean that originated in Mesoamerica. This particular strain was selected by Steve Temple, formerly on the faculty at the University of California at Davis. It has strong resistance to Common Bean Mosaic Virus (CBMV) which is the major disease afflicting beans in California. Therefore it truly has commercial potential."