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Evergreen Hardy White Scallion

Evergreen Hardy White Scallion

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Allium fistulosum

Origin: Japan

Improvement status: Cultivar

Seeds per packet: ~160

Germination tested 12/2019: 85%

Life cycle: Perennial

This is the classic Japanese heirloom scallion (also known as green onion), called nebuka in Japan. It's one of the first green foods in the spring — and can be grown in containers, or even indoors too. These are perennial scallions, though they are often grown as annuals. One seed will produce up to five or six stalks. It does not form bulbs, but multiplies by division. Our seed comes from Aaron Parker of Edgewood Nursery in Maine.

GROWING TIPS: Seeds should be planted in spring. Starting indoors is nice as alliums can be a bit slow to establish and are easy to lose if direct sown. Barely cover seeds.

Can be grown as a annual in typical rows, or allowed to establish as a perennial. Divides somewhat slowly at the base, so plant lots of seedlings or avoid harvesting bulbs until well established. Best size in full sun and rich soil (ie vegetable garden conditions), but tolerates sub-par conditions. I find other perennial alliums preferable to low-investment situations and this scallion preferable for the vegetable garden.