'Early Moonbeam' Watermelon

'Early Moonbeam' Watermelon

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Citrullus lanatus

Origin: Corvallis, Oregon

Improvement status: Cultivar

Seeds per packet: ~20

Germination tested 11/2023: 98%

Life cycle: Annual

Our friend and all-around genius Dr. Alan Kapuler developed this relatively small-fruited (3-8 lb) yellow-fleshed watermelon from an F1 hybrid called 'Yellow Doll.' This variety is fairly consistent, quite early ripening, and very sweet. The plants are disease-resistant and tolerant to cool weather. This is the watermelon to try even if you've never had success growing watermelons before. Everyone who tries it falls in love! Our see was grown by Clint Freund and Kass McKinnon of Cultivating the Commons in Madison, Wisconsin.

GROWING TIPS: Direct seed or transplant healthy plant starts in May or early June after things have warmed up a bit. Plants will sprawl, but they are not overbearing. Plants should be 2-3 feet apart. Be careful with plant starts, as transplanting watermelon is a bit more precarious than transplanting other things, and sometimes it does not respond well...nonetheless, it can still be successful. Direct seeding is a safe bet. Prefers full sun.