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Dry Short Prairie - Native Perennial Pollinator Mix

Dry Short Prairie - Native Perennial Pollinator Mix

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See photo for species list and percentage break down (toggle mouse on the photo to get close up)

Origin: North America (primarily temperate climates, central and eastern US)

Improvement status: Wild

Seeds per packet: 2 oz

Germination tested 9/2021: 90%+ (average)

Life cycle: Herbaceous Perennials

Growing Zones: 4-8

Suggested area coverage: 400 square feet

The Dry Short Prairie Mix is a shorter mix that is great for slopes and well-drained uplands, and any urban or suburban lawn that may be facing periodic drought conditions. Not as tall as the standard "Dry Prairie" mix, so it may fit better into urban or suburban situations.

GROWING TIPS: Broadcast seed over prepared area in the fall sometime before the ground freezes, so the seeds can go through natural winter stratification. Tamp it down for good seed to soil contact. You can sprinkle hay or straw over the planting for mulch coverage, if you want.