'Dixon' Softneck Seed Garlic

'Dixon' Softneck Seed Garlic

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Allium sativum

Origin: Montana

Improvement status: Cultivar

Life cycle: Perennial (grown as a biennial)

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Dixon is a hard-to-find variety of softneck garlic (or technically an intermediate type between soft and hard) long-stewarded in Montana by an organic farming family by the name of Batey. Considered an artichoke type, because of the presence of smaller inner cloves, this is an extremely cold-hardy garlic variety, but it still stands up to spring heat. Its provenance also makes it harvestable very early in most climates, usually a full few weeks before other garlics. Dixon keeps well — all through winter, if properly stored — and is easier to peel than most softneck garlics.

The flavor of Dixon is rich, moderately pungent, and with some horseradish notes, but still mild enough for use in raw preparations like guacamole. It won't disappoint!

Our seed garlic has been tested and certified nematode-free. It was grown by our good friends Kass McKinnon and Clint Freund of Cultivating the Commons in Amery, Wisconsin. We recommend planting between September and late November in most of the US. Five bulbs of Dixon comes to roughly one pound.