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'Chijimisai' Tatsoi
'Chijimisai' Tatsoi
'Chijimisai' Tatsoi

'Chijimisai' Tatsoi

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Brassica rapa

Origin: Japan

Improvement status: Cultivar

Seeds per packet: ~200

Germination tested 11/2023: 93%

Life cycle: Annual

Perhaps the most mild-flavored brassica green you can find, 'Chijimisai' is taking the seed and culinary worlds by storm! With an almost spinach-like appearance (even savoyed), the green leaves are arranged on thin white stems in a beautiful rosette. This plant is said to be a nutritional powerhouse. We can't find much information on its origins, but it's said to be a relatively recent Japanese innovation resulting from a cross betwen a tatsoi and a komatsuna. We haven't grown it ourselves, but our grower Jason Andrzejewski of Columbus, Michigan, convinced us to carry it because he enjoys it so much. He produced these seeds, and we're excited to try it this year along with all of you!

GROWING TIPS: Direct-sow in early spring, and succession plant into early summer for greens all season. Space plants at least 8 inches apart.