'Chesnok Red' Hardneck Seed Garlic

'Chesnok Red' Hardneck Seed Garlic

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Allium sativum

Origin: Village of Shvelisi in the Republic of Georgia.

Improvement status: Cultivar

Life cycle: Perennial (grown as a biennial)

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Chesnok Red is a splendid hardneck garlic variety that is originally from the village of Shvelisi in the Republic of Georgia. It is a delicious all-around garlic that is especially good for roasting: giving a sweet, deep, garlicky goodness to any dish.

It consistently produces large bulbs. Bulbs mostly tend to have a beautiful red/purply color but this can vary with growing conditions.

There should be about 8-12 cloves per bulb. Can store for 6-7 months.

Our seed was grown by Jacob and Andrew Helling, of Twin Organics, in Northfield, MN. Jacob and Andrew also grow most of the vegetable plant starts for Colty, Kierra, and Dusty's garden center, Agrarian Seed and Garden, in Minneapolis.