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'Capillina' Endive (Frisee or Riccia)

'Capillina' Endive (Frisee or Riccia)

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Chicorium endivia var. crispum

Origin: Italy

Improvement status: Cultivar

Seeds per packet: ~90

Germination tested 2/2024: 88%

Life cycle: Biennial

'Capillina' is the Italian version of the classic salad green most commonly known as frisée (from the French), but called "indivia riccia" in Italian. Capillina is generally fall-sown for winter harvests of large frilly heads. For best results (least bitter, most attractive pale yellow color) tie heads up 2 weeks before harvest or cover with an overturned flower pot (as shown). This yields the largest blanched hearts. Roots are also edible and medicinal, as with other chicories.

NOTE: We don't have a good photo of this variety yet, but the public domain photo here is a good approximation.