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Canada Perennial Lettuce
Canada Perennial Lettuce

Canada Perennial Lettuce

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Lactuca canadensis

Origin: Holyoke, Massachusetts

Improvement status: Cultivated wild material

Seeds per packet: ~30

Germination tested 12/2020: 78%

Life cycle: Short-lived perennial or Biennial

From our seed source, author and perennial vegetable expert Eric Toensmeier: "A native perennial lettuce. Leaves are good eating, but the best part is during the third year when it flowers. The peeled flower stalk, at about 6-12", with young leaves attached, is very much like a head of romaine lettuce. Produces tan milk [which has various medicinal uses, including against pain, insomnia, digestion issues, spasms, and arthritis] and has a single line of hairs along the midrib on the bottom of the leaf. Usually dies after flowering. Seed from spontaneous plants that have been welcomed here in at Paradise Lot [in Holyoke, Massachusetts]."