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Black Mustard
Black Mustard
Black Mustard

Black Mustard

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Brassica nigra

Origin: Mediterranean

Improvement status: Landrace

Seeds per packet: ~200

Germination tested 12/2022: 79%

Life cycle: Annual

Pungent black mustard seeds are a critical ingredient in cuisines from France to India. In Europe the seeds are mainly used raw, in sauces, salad dressings, and the like, while in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and elsewhere in Asia the seeds are typically fried in oil during the cooking process to deepen and intensify their flavor. Watch out when you're cooking them though: they're known to pop right out of the hot oil! Like other mustards, the leaves are edible, spicy, and tasty too. Unlike many other brassicas, black mustard is an annual, and it can grow upwards of 8 feet tall in a season.

Our seed comes from our friends at Restoration Seeds in Oregon.