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‘Aroostook’ Rye

‘Aroostook’ Rye

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Secale cereale

Origin: Eurasia

Improvement status: Cultivated

Seeds per packet: 1 lbs.

Germination tested: 06/2021: 92%

Life cycle: Herbaceous Annual

Developed in partnership between Cornell University and the Maine Department of Agriculture, ‘Aroostook’ is the gold standard for winter hardy rye. Growing tall, with vigorous ‘green back’ in the spring, winter rye is meant for a late season (late summer or fall) planting depending on your region. Favored in no-till commercial farming. Cover crop, forage, cereal, and green manure.  

These seeds were produced by our friends at Ernst Conservation Seeds in Meadville, PA.

Growing Tips: Direct broadcast seed or drill in the cool late summer or fall, depending on your region.