Amber's Hulless Oats

Amber's Hulless Oats

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Avena sativa

Origin: Paradise, Utah

Improvement status: Cultivar

Seeds per packet: ~50

Germination tested 12/2023: 89%

Life cycle: Annual

Another gem from Joseph Lofthouse, Landrace Seedsman, in high-altitude Paradise, Utah. Like all of Joseph's seeds, these are super resilient. From Joseph:

"Hulless oats. To maintain varietal purity and good agronomic and culinary traits, I recommend only replanting seeds that thresh easily. Seed heads are about waist high for easy harvest. I recommend spring planting. This variety has survived the winter for me, with significant die-off."

We're honored and grateful to be the near-exclusive source of Joseph's amazing seeds — freeing him up to do more farming, plant breeding, pickling, yoga, and loving. We know you will enjoy planting these extraordinary seeds. Thanks Joseph!

GROWING TIPS: Plant in early spring. Spacing about 2"-6" in rows about 12" apart. Grows about 2.5 feet tall.