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Badgersett/EFN Hazelnut and Chestnut Limit Agreement

I understand that in purchasing Badgersett hazelnut seeds or Badgersett chestnut seeds, I am also agreeing to some restrictions on their uses.

When the plants grown from these seeds start to bear nuts, I may keep my own seed, and from it plant up to 20 acres of my own land. I may not sell the nuts from these plants for seed, nor may I sell nursery stock of any kind generated from the nuts from these plants, without an additional agreement with Badgersett Research Farm, which may involve a licensing fee.

If I wish to plant more than 20 acres of my own land, I must contact Badgersett Farm and hold a discussion on how that is to proceed; licensing or franchise fees may be required. I understand that these provisions are to protect the genetic quality of the crop, which without some understanding and supervision can deteriorate in later generations, in much the same way seed saved from hybrid corn is very inferior.