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Ei von Phuket Tomato

Ei von Phuket Tomato

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Solanum lycopersicum

100 seeds minimum

Germination tested 1/2018: 22% (Below Standard)

Origin: Thailand

EFN EXCLUSIVE. A unique and delicious tomato from the Thai island of Phuket, which was devastated by the 2004 tsunami. This tomato has reportedly become very rare in its place of origin due to the combination of increased development and land degradation from the tsunami's inundation. Its name means "Egg from Phuket" in German, and it is similar to the variety 'Thai Pink Egg'. The egg-shaped fruit ripen from green to white to pink/red. From William Woys Weaver, who introduced this tomato to Americans: "The Roughwood Seed Collection acquired seed for this tomato in 2000 from a German who had been there. We are not certain what Thais call the tomato but it is one of their best: as the German name implies, it is egg-shaped, greenish-white while unripe, then it ripens raspberry pink in clusters of 6 fruits. Its flavor as a green tomato is mild, thus it is used extensively in Thais curries and stir fries [at that stage]; the ripe fruit is fruity so it is often used in desserts. If you cook Southeast Asian, this tomato ought to be part of your basic vegetable pantry."

These seeds were grown by Dr. William Woys Weaver's Roughwood Seed Collection, which will receive half of the proceeds of each purchase.