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'Purple Tornado' Hot Pepper Breeders Mix

'Purple Tornado' Hot Pepper Breeders Mix

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Capsicum chinense

Origin: Cooley Springs, South Carolina

Improvement status: Breeding population

Seeds per packet: ~10

Germination tested 11/2023: 91%

Life cycle: Annual

Kevin Bane of Cooley Springs, South Carolina, brings us another extremely hot pepper breeding population. This one resulted from the same crosses as 'Purple Pinger Red', which involved multiple parent lines. Kevin crossed 'Boderoxa' with a 'Ghost Pepper' x 'Neyde' cross, and then that was crossed with a 'True Purple Cacucha' x 'Boderoxa' cross. This population is in the F3 generation, so you can still expect serious diversity. And you can also expect serious heat! These will have you breathing fire, for sure.