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'Purple Pinger Red' Hot Pepper Breeders Mix

'Purple Pinger Red' Hot Pepper Breeders Mix

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Capsicum chinense

Origin: Cooley Springs, South Carolina

Improvement status: Breeding population

Seeds per packet: ~10

Germination tested 1/2022: 99%

Life cycle: Annual

This is another diverse extremely hot pepper breeders mix from Kevin Bane of Cooley Springs, South Carolina. An F2 population, the variation in the photo here showed up in 2021. Kevin is excited about releasing these seeds because "this is the most prolific plant I've ever crossed up." He says you can expect the fruit to have a purple tint, ripening to a red or peach — or at least those are so far the only colors he's gotten. The plants can be expected to be absolutely loaded down with chilis. Enough to break limbs off the plant. Kevin likes to use these in hot sauces, and says they complement other fruit really well — he's especially fond of a Mango-Tamarind hot sauce he made with it. Really, really hot.