Spotted Joe Pye Weed

Spotted Joe Pye Weed

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Eupatorium maculatum

Origin: North America

Improvement status: Wild

Seeds per packet: ~110


Wild harvested, Fall 2022

Life cycle: Perennial

A beautiful, dominating native perennial flower, spotted joe pye weed is named for the spots on its stem. Plants grow to five feet tall or more, and clumps up to 4 feet wide can develop over many years. It flowers prolifically between July and September, providing high value for pollinators. It's a tall wet-meadow-loving plant. 

According to Plants for a Future: "A tea made from the whole herb is diuretic. It is used in the treatment of kidney complaints, painful urination, rheumatism, etc. The leaves and stems are harvested in the summer before the flower buds open, and are dried for later use. A tea made from the roots is used in the treatment of fevers, colds, kidney and liver complaints, etc. It is said to have a tonic effect on pregnant women and is also said to induce sweating. Externally, a decoction of the roots is used as a wash on rheumatic joints. The roots are harvested in the autumn and dried for later use."

Flowers and seeds can be used to make red and pink dyes.

Our seed comes from the perennial-focused nurseryman from Maine, our friend Aaron Parker of Edgewood Nursery.

GROWING TIPS: Cold-moist stratify seed for 30 days or direct seed in fall. Prefers moist soil, but can handle a well-watered garden.