'Aji de Colorado Alpino' Hot Pepper

'Aji de Colorado Alpino' Hot Pepper

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Capsicum baccatum

Origin: Carbondale, CO

Improvement status: Landrace Cultivar

Seeds per packet: ~30

Germination tested 11/2023: 94%

Life cycle: Annual

"Pound for pound our best producing spicy pepper," says Kirsten Keenan at Wild Mountain Seeds in Carbondale, Colorado, where this new open-pollinated pepper was bred. An extremely productive Capsicum baccatum pepper originating in South America (the same species as the famous Aji Amarillo of Peru, which we also offer).

More from Wild Mountain Seeds: "After years of selection and breeding we have drastically increased cool soil temperature growth, earliness and plant stature. This pepper is our farm's favorite for pico de gallo and also a key ingredient in producing an amazing hot pepper ferment. You can't go wrong with this hot pepper that will become a favorite amongst all whom grow it! Enjoy!"