Denver Perennial Ground Cherry
Denver Perennial Ground Cherry

Denver Perennial Ground Cherry

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Physalis spp. (Probably longifolia)

Origin: Denver, Colorado

Improvement status: Wild

Seeds per packet: ~35

Life cycle: Perennial

Germination tested 1/2023: 63%

 We're thrilled to be offering these seeds for the first time. Our friend Andy Hahn collected these ground cherries from unirrigated sites in the Denver area, where annual precipitation averages only about 15 inches. The plants form a deep perennial rhizome. Fruits are pea- to marble-sized, and range from green to yellow. Andy describes the taste as "sweet and tasty," similar to the common annual varieties of ground cherry, but these are all from perennial plants. He believes the species is Physalis virginiana, but there may also be some Physalis longifolia and/or hybrids in the mix. Most of the plants were just 6 to 8 inches tall, but loaded with fruit. We only have a limited supply of these seeds, so get some today!

GROWING TIPS: This was a little slow to germinate in our chamber, but doesn't appear to need any cold stratification. Just be patient with it.