'Wintermax' Cover Crop Mix (Rye, Hairy Vetch, Daikon Radish)
'Wintermax' Cover Crop Mix (Rye, Hairy Vetch, Daikon Radish)

'Wintermax' Cover Crop Mix (Rye, Hairy Vetch, Daikon Radish)

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Consists of:

80% Winter Rye

15% Hairy Vetch

5% Tapmaster Daikon Radish

Origin: Albert Lea, Minnesota

Improvement status: Cover crop cultivars

Seeds per packet: ~3/4 pound

Germination tested 8/21: 90%+ (average)

Life cycle: Rye and Vetch are winter annuals (fall planted, will over winter, and go to seed the following year). Daikon radish will winter-kill.

When to sow: August 1 -September 15 (or later in mild climates)

Coverage: 400 square feet

If you want ground cover all winter long with plants that will come back in the spring, 'Wintermax' could be the ticket. Hairy Vetch is a legume and will fix nitrogen. Solid cover crop option. Daikon radish is great for breaking up compaction.

With just garden tools it may be slightly difficult to kill rye and vetch in the following year. Not impossible, especially if you have a rototiller or a broad fork or some muckraker, but it may be a bit challenging, so be prepared. This is if you are fall planting it and plan to terminate it early spring or in May in preparation for summer planting the following year. 

Our seed comes from a reputable cover crop seed company out of Albert Lea, Minnesota: Albert Lea Seed.

GROWING TIPS: Broadcast seed as evenly as possible over prepared area. Tamp down for good seed to soil contact. 3/4 pound covers about 400 square feet.