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'Multimax' Cover Crop Mix

'Multimax' Cover Crop Mix

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Origin: Albert Lea, Minnesota

Improvement status: Cover crop cultivars

Seeds per packet by weight, price, square feet:

~10 oz ($6) approx. 1,000 square feet cover

~2 pounds ($12) approx. 4,000 square feet coverage

Germination tested 6/22: 92% (average)

Life cycle: Annuals and Biennials that will winter kill in most temperate climates

When to sow: After last cultivation, or August 1 - September 15. Later planting will lessen the prevalence of the clovers.

Annual Ryegrass: 45%

Berseeem Clover: 25%

Crimson Clover: 15%

Ethiopian Cabbage: 4%

Diakon Radish: 4%

Purple Top Turnips: 4%

Dwarf Essex Rape: 3%

Multimax is a blend of grasses, legumes, and brassicas. Because of it's diversity, this is a very nice mix. It can establish in part shade conditions and is a great candidate for seeding into standing crops. This mix is adaptable to wide variety of soil types and field conditions.

This mix will winter kill in the upper Midwest. In the south, some of the mix could survive the winter.

Broadcast evenly over desired area.