'Vibrant Ultraviolet' Mustard Greens

'Vibrant Ultraviolet' Mustard Greens

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Brassica rapa

Origin: Philomath, Oregon

Improvement status: Cultivar

Seeds per packet: ~400

Germination tested 11/2023: 97%

Life cycle: Biennial

You'll love this vividly purple mustard green which we got from our friends at Wild Garden Seeds. From their description: "Straight out of 'Vibrant Joy', this selection has had the descriptive working name "Solid Purple Lobed," which pretty much sums it up. The deepest color manifests in cold weather which turns the intensity "up to 11" on the spectral scale. Midnight purple lobed leaves with that vibrant magenta-violet petiole and veins that characterizes the Vibrant clan. Plant this for the coldest seasonal salad. Farm Original Variety! OSSI (Open Source Seed Initiative) Pledged Variety."