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Ed's Red Shallot

Ed's Red Shallot

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Allium cepa

Origin: Nampa, Idaho

Improvement status: Cultivar

Seeds per packet: ~100

Germination tested 11/2021: 82%

Life cycle: Biennial

This is an excellent open-pollinated shallot, improved by farmer/breeder Beth Rasgorshek of Nampa, Idaho, and re-introduced by Fedco. It has red skins and purple/white flesh. Besides tasting great and growing to a large size, its biggest selling point is its ability to keep well in storage for up to a year! That's right, you could still be eating these shallots as you're picking next year's! If you're interested in breeding onions or shallots, this is a reliable seed producer so would be great to add to your genepool. Matures in 105 days. Our seed was produced by Kass McKinnon and Clint Freund in Wisconsin.

GROWING TIPS: Definitely best to transplant healthy onion starts in early spring. Start them indoors or in greenhouse. We typically put 3-4 seeds per cell in 50-cell or 72-cell trays, transplanting out the entire cell block with 3-4 onion starts in it together. Plant out individual cells every foot.