Our 2023 EFN seed catalogue is now online! 100+ new varieties. Over 40 different growers and foragers from across the country. A million thanks to all who make this possible, especially our amazing seed-house crew!

Woody Crops, Fruit, Nuts

We're big believers in the importance of woody crop agriculture. Trees, shrubs, vines — these plants all live a long time, sequester carbon, help conserve water, and produce delicious food and other products. They might take lots of patience and extra work in the early years, but over the long run they are worth their weight in gold!

IMPORTANT NOTE ON SHIPPING: We will NOT ship American Chestnut, Badgersett Hazelnut, or Monkey Puzzle seeds until March or early April (because these seeds cannot freeze). We strongly urge you to order these SEPARATELY from all other seeds (but ordering any of the three together is fine). If you do include any of these rare tree crop seeds in an order along with other seeds, the entire order will not ship until March or early April.

So if you want your seeds sooner than early spring (and remember that some seeds require pre-treatment such as cold stratification), please be sure to order them separately. 

***All items in this collection are SEEDS, except for the BADGERSETT HAZELNUT PLANTS

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