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Mouse Garlic

Mouse Garlic

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Allium angulosum

Origin: Eurasia

Improvement status: Cultivated material

Seeds per packet: ~50


Life cycle: Perennial

Mouse Garlic is a great choice for a perennial allium, larger and more robust than chives or garlic chives, but with a milder flavor. It is a very low maintenance plant once established. It produces beautiful purple flowers, which are as edible as the leaves. Native to a broad swath of Europe from France and Italy to Kazakhstan and Siberia, it can adapt to most regions of the United States, but it prefers at least a mildly cold winter. There are some reports of large amounts of mouse garlic being somewhat toxic, but in moderation it is no problem. People have likely been eating this species for thousands of years. Our seed comes from Aaron Parker of Edgewood Nursery in Maine.