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Orange Trumpet Vine (Tennessee Ecotype)

Orange Trumpet Vine (Tennessee Ecotype)

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Campsis radicans

Origin: Dandridge, Tennessee

Improvement status: Wild

Seeds per packet: ~50


Life cycle: Perennial

NEW FOR 2022. Orange Trumpet Vine is a much-loved woody climbing vine native to eastern North America. It produces large (3-5 inch) trumpet-like flowers beloved by hummingbirds and other pollinators (that's right: hummingbirds are pollinators). Trumpet vine follows up its flowers with long pods full of paper-thin seeds that flutter to the ground once the pods open up. Plants can take over a tree, or a building, or a fence, so best to plant these with intention. It can be trained into very effective and attractive ground-cover. Also said to have some medicinal uses (the root is considered diaphoretic — makes one sweat — and vulnerary — wound-healing). Despite a somewhat appetizing look, the whole plant should be considered poisonous and not ingested.

Nate collected these seeds from the wild in Dandridge, Tennessee.

GROWING TIPS: Seeds can be planted fall, winter, or spring. Direct-seeded or started in flats. Does well on a warm wall or fence in good loamy soil in full sun or light shade. Plants can go rampant. vining 40 feet or more. Hardy to about -5°F or colder. Plants are self-clinging by aerial roots, much like ivy. but do best with some support. The best time to prune them back is spring.