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'Cinnamon' Dyer's Coreopsis
'Cinnamon' Dyer's Coreopsis

'Cinnamon' Dyer's Coreopsis

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Coreopsis tinctoria

Origin: North America

Improvement status: Cultivar

Seeds per packet: ~80

Germination tested 12/2023: 98%

Life cycle: Annual

Sometimes called "calliopsis," this beautiful annual wildflower native to central and eastern North America has a long history of use as both dye and medicine (and apparently the dried plant can make some sort of coffee substitute as well). A tea made from the root can be used to induce vomiting, and is also used to treat diarrhea. The name comes from its ability to produce a rust or mahogany-colored dye. Dyer's coreopsis is beloved by many native pollinators and other insects.

This is a gorgeous red-flowered selection of coreopsis, absolutely loaded with red pigments for dyeing. Our seed comes from our friend Jennifer Williams of Wild Dreams Farm on Vashon Island, Washington.

GROWING TIPS: Sow seeds directly outside after last frost or in flats a couple weeks before. Surface sow seeds or cover with 1/16" of soil or growing medium. Space plants 12"-18" apart.