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Wu Geng Wu Jia

Wu Geng Wu Jia

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Eleutherococcus sessiflorus

Origin: East Asia

Improvement status: Cultivated wild material

Seeds per packet: ~20


Life cycle: Perennial

This cousin of ginseng in the Aralia family is a small perennial tree that produces medicinal berries and edible leaves. Native to East Asia, it has a long history of use by humans. The young leaves are used as a vegetable, raw or cooked, and the older leaves are used as a tea substitute. The bark (apparently used to flavor wine), is most used medicinally, for treating arthritis, neuralgia, lumbago, and edema. It contains saponins, acanthosides, cardiac glycosides, and polysaccharides, and is considered adaptogenic, analgesic, diuretic, antipyretic (anti-fever), and anti-inflammatory. It is also beautiful, cold-hardy, and hard-to-find. We're very excited to be offering seeds for this plant, which were grown for us by Aaron Parker of Edgewood Nursery in Maine.