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Variegated Wintercress

Variegated Wintercress

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Barbarea vulgaris

Origin: Eurasia

Improvement status: Cultivated wild material

Seeds per packet: ~140

Life cycle: Annual or Biennial or Perennial

Wintercress is commonly seen as a highly variable weed growing in disturbed areas throughout the winter. Some individual plants can be quite large and tasty, while others are not so large, or quite bitter. This is a gorgeous salad-green selection with white splotches. It readily self-seeds, but is less vigorous than non-variegated weedy types (variegated plants are typically less vigorous than their green counterparts on account of having less capacity for photosynthesis). Young leaves are the least bitter. This plant is very easy to direct seed. Our seed comes from Aaron Parker of Edgweood Nursery in Maine.