Tetapeche Grey-Mottled Cowpea

Tetapeche Grey-Mottled Cowpea

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Vigna unguiculata group unguiculata

50 seeds minimum

Germination tested 12/2017: 89%

Origin: Sonora, Mexico

We got these seeds from Native Seeds/SEARCH in Tucson, Arizona, but they are originally from a market in the state of Sonora in Northern Mexico. Of the many cowpeas we've trialed, this is the most productive, most vigorous variety. The seeds are also quite beautiful and delicious (we think they're best picked when still green, then boiled or steamed). Pods can be picked when young to be eaten like green-beans, the leaves also make a great potherb or vegetable, and the large purple flowers are quite showy too. If you've never grown cowpeas (also known as "Black-Eyed Peas"), this is the perfect variety to try. (Photo at left.)

Planting instructions:

Direct seed an inch deep in two rows side by side about 18-24 inches apart. Allow 2-3 feet on either side for the plants to sprawl. You can trellis if you want to save on space (in which case you could build one long trellis down the middle of your bed and plant along side it on both sides). We have been farming in an area with enough space and less time on our hands for trellising cowpeas, so we let them sprawl and it works well.