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Tasmanian Blushing Tomato
Tasmanian Blushing Tomato

Tasmanian Blushing Tomato

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Solanum lycopersicum

Origin: Tasmania, Australia

Improvement Status: Cultivar

Seeds per packet: ~35

Germination tested 11/2020: 90%

Life cycle: Annual

This is one of the biggest tomatoes we offer, and also one of the most flavorful (especially for a yellow tomato). It was first offered in this country in the 2004 Seed Savers Exchange Yearbook by Neil Lockhart of Oblong, Illinois, who received the seeds from a John Smarsz in Australia. It was a sport of 'Tasmanian Yellow', but features a pink blush, inside and out. The flavor is rich and sweet, but with a pleasant tang as well. Much more flavorful than the types of yellow tomatoes commonly found in supermarkets. If you're looking for a stunningly beautiful, delicious tomato, look no further.

GROWING TIPS: These are heavy tomatoes, so be sure to stake or trellis these plants. As with other tomatoes, start seeds indoors in March or early April. Plant out once all danger of frost has passed. Space plants 2 to 3 feet apart.