Rosalita Tomato

Rosalita Tomato

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Solanum lycopersicum var. cerasiforme

25 seeds minimum

*We are very close to receiving this germination result (a couple days at most). We are confident these seeds with grow for you, so we are listing it now.

Origin: Unknown

Rosalita' is a fantastic pink grape tomato. Super sweet yet tangy little morsels of sunshine. The perfect snacking tomato out in the field. Our original stock came from Vicki Emlaw in Prince Edward County, Ontario (an island-like peninsula in the northernmost part of Lake Ontario), where its early production (as soon as 55 days) is especially welcome. But despite having some northern heritage, these plants stay in production practically until the first frost hits and can handle plenty of heat and drought. We have also never found any 'Rosalita' plants impacted by early or late blight. The leaves are regular and the growth habit is indeterminate. As hard as we've tried, we still have yet to learn where these pink gems originated, so if you have any knowledge on the subject, please let us know (we assume it was named by a big Bruce Springsteen fan). An uncommonly wonderful grape tomato — and the only truly pink one we've ever seen — 'Rosalita' will become a mainstay in your garden. Seeds grown ecologically in Elmer, NJ, by the Experimental Farm Network Cooperative.