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Red Elderberry
Red Elderberry

Red Elderberry

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Sambucus racemosa

Origin: Northern and Western US

Improvement status: Wild

Seeds per packet: ~80

Germination tested: 9/2020: 1% (Hard seed: 0%  Dormant seed: 19%)

Life cycle: Woody Perennial

Zones: 3-7

A larger native North American Elderberry, also called American Red or Red-Berried Elderberry. This species has poisonous leaves, and mildly poisonous fruit, states :

 “Although no specific mention has been seen for this species, the leaves and stems of some, if not all, members of this genus are poisonous. The fruit of many species (although no records have been seen for this species) has been known to cause stomach upsets to some people. Any toxin the fruit might contain is liable to be of very low toxicity and is destroyed when the fruit is cooked. NC State University has noted Cyanogenic glycoside and alkaloids can cause low toxicity if eaten.”

Medicinally its of marginal value compared to Sambucus canadensis. This multi-stemmed native shrub is more shade tolerant than its cousin, and has beautiful red berries. 

12' H. Part to Full Shade. Medium soil. White bloom May, June. 

These seeds were produced by our friends at Ernst Conservation Seeds in Meadville, PA..

Growing Tips: Fall direct seeding.