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Rampion Bellflower

Rampion Bellflower

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Campanula rapunculus

Origin: Unknown

Improvement status: Cultivated material

Seeds per packet: ~125


Life cycle: Perennial

Rampion bellflower is a wonderful perennial vegetable native to Europe. The fairy-tale character Rapunzel takes her name from this plant. The botanical name is actually a diminutive form of the word for turnip, so it means "little turnip bellflower." Long ago, domesticated forms of the plant had large roots, bigger than most parsnips, but these varieties are all believed lost. Our grower, EFN member Andy Hahn of Colorado, intends to launch a collaborative breeding project to develop new large-rooted forms of this delicious plant. Not only is the sweet root edible, but so are the leaves, flowers, and spring shoots. This is definitely a plant worthy of much more attention than it currently receives. We hope lots of people buy these seeds and keep their eyes out for the outliers with the biggest roots.